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Paris occupies a leading position thanks to a unique legal and economic ecosystem. The Attractiveness Committee works to promote Paris as a global legal and judicial centre.

Moderated by Matthias Fekl, administrator of Paris Place de Droit, lawyer and administrator of the French Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC France).


Economic Justice

The Economic Justice Commission brings together practitioners of business law to work on the notion of economic loss.

Moderated by Muriel Chagny, Professor of Law, University of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines


Commercial Justice

The Commercial Justice Committee brings together those involved in commercial litigation - judges, lawyers, in-house lawyers - with academics to deliberate on a more efficient commercial procedure to meet the expectations of litigants.

Moderated by Jacques Bouyssou, administrator of Paris Place de Droit and lawyer.


Climate and Environmental Justice

The climate emergency is a challenge for every society. The Climate Justice Committee brings together legal practitioners - academics, judges, corporate lawyers, private practice lawyers… - to build legal proposals together.

Moderated by Stéphanie Smatt-Pinelli administrator of Paris Place de Droit and legal director, and Elodie Valette, lawyer


Digital Justice

The Digital Justice Committee brings together legal practitioners - academics, researchers, corporate lawyers, court clerks, lawyers, bailiffs, etc. - to propose forward-looking recommendations on the use and acceleration of digitalization for an even more efficient resolution of commercial disputes.

Moderated by Denis Musson, administrator of Paris Place de Droit and Honorary President of the Cercle Montesquieu and Professor Bruno Deffains of the University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.


Business Difficulties

The Business Difficulties Committee brings together specialists in the judicial treatment of business difficulties to work together to improve our law and its articulation with European law.

Moderated by Patrick Coupeaud, Judge, General Delegate for Business Difficulties, Paris Commercial Court.